Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Announcing CAIS's Revised Mission Statement

One of the initiatives CAIS has undertaken in our 30th anniversary year is the review of our Mission. The following letter which briefly describes the Mission review process and introduces our new revised Mission Statement was sent to the CAIS community by the Board of Trustees on November 22, 2011.  When you get to the bottom, click the link to see a video rendition of our revised Mission Statement.  It's like reading the book and seeing the movie in one sitting! 


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Dear CAIS Community,

As we celebrate 30 years at CAIS, we wanted to take this opportunity to share the mission review process that will help guide CAIS as we prepare for the future. The Board of Trustees is required, as a condition of accreditation, to review the Mission Statement periodically. Timing this process with our upcoming anniversary provided a natural reflection point to evaluate what is important to the school. As is also required, we were guided by input from all of our constituents - faculty, staff, parents, Trustees and students. The first part of this process began with the survey sent last spring by the Board's Mission Steering Team, which was comprised of parents, faculty, staff, trustees and administration. The Steering Team analyzed the data and comments from this survey and reported their findings to the Board. The Board used the Steering Team's report and held a facilitated retreat in early September to draft a revised Mission Statement that met the Board's guidelines. Specifically, the Board stipulated that the Mission must: 

1)    Apply to the entire community;
2)    Be future-focused;
3)    Be bold, succinct and memorable;
4)    Have an English and Chinese version.

The Steering Team crafted language that expressed the central ideas articulated in the Board's retreat and that met the criteria developed by the Board.

The roots of the revised mission are taken from the statement we have known and lived by for many years:

"The mission of Chinese American International School is to educate students for academic excellence, moral character, and international perspective through immersion in American and Chinese culture and language."

The goals of "academic excellence", "moral character", and "international perspective", are non-negotiable, and hence they remain the foundation for the newly crafted language undertaken by the Steering Team. That language -- in both Chinese and English -- was adopted by the Board at its October meeting.

To read the revised mission and the context around its creation, please click here.

Thank you,

CAIS Board of Trustees